The mozzarella the world envies us

mozzarella di bufala campana Ponte a Mare Castelvolturno

People come from afar as Northern Europe, Japan and even from the United States  to savor the Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese made by the “Ponte a Mare” factory. This Italian excellence has been prized by Gambero Rosso. The great “Ponte a Mare” production is the result of the painstaking work of the brothers Gianfranco and Antonio Paolo.The “Ponte a Mare” Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese stands out for its great balance of protein, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins and also for the small percentage of sodium it contains.[charme-gallery]The factory processing method is a mixture of futuristic techniques and traditional procedures handed down from father to son.Numerous are the dairy products the “Ponte a Mare” factory make: tasty mozzarella braids, the delicious mozzarella bocconcini, the ricotta cheese, both salty and sweet. And last, but not least, the savoury provola cheese. All unique delicacies, ready to taste whenever, wherever.

Caseificio Ponte a Mare
via Domiziana km 34.070
Castelvolturno (Caserta)
Tel.  +39.0823.851.525