The most famous mozzarella in the world


Buffalo milk, commitment, and scrupulous quality control make up the success formula of Ponte a Mare, the international award-winning dairy from Castelvolturno. The Paolo family business has been going strong for over half a century, gaining accolades from Gambero Rosso for their specialities which have also been labelled as products of excellence by Japan’s leading food magazines. Connoisseurs attribute part of the merit to the traditional process which makes the cheese pliant and elastic while also adding a flavour and texture that none can resist.[charme-gallery] For four generations the Paolo family has used only the finest buffalo milk from local dairy farms to make the Ponte a Mare specialities, like stuffed mozzarella, smoked provola and ricotta, fresh every day and high in nutritional value, whether simple or incorporated into the tasty recipes on the firm’s website where the products can also be purchased with security guaranteed. The Paolos’ secret lies in the procedures handed down from father to son, using milk no more than 12 hours old which is then filtered to leave pure goodness and quality. Ponte a Mare buffalo milk mozzarella has the perfect balance of proteins, carbohydrates, calcium and vitamins and low sodium content, making it light and easy to digest while delighting the palate.

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