“L’Altro Vissani Capri”: triumph of flavors also in the autumn months


Between nature, culture and beauty that Capri has to offer even in the autumn months, this year you place a new entry into the world of exceptional gourmet: the open until January 2 of one of the most sought after restaurants on the island: “L’Altro Vissani“. The restaurant just a short walk from the square living room in winter, which has become a must for lovers of good food and was able to create a mix of flavors through the creativity of the Guru of Italian gastronomy Gianfranco Vissani and capresità of authentic Vertecchi brothers, Marco, Massimo and Marianna with three young islanders who help by offering the Master version autumn-winter edition of the recipes related to the culinary traditions of the island.


For the experiment of opening the off-season, the creativity in the kitchen was entrusted to the young chef Gennaro Amitrano, the bearer of a tradition all of Naples, linked to the Sorrentine Peninsula and was able to put together a menu card using materials the first place, and dishes that are now disappearing from local traditions. And the news is the recovery in the kitchen, an updated version of the quail jugged that seedy offers accompanied with vegetables 3D. A dish that brings back memories of experts on the history of the place when Capri was known to be one of the important steps of the quail, so as to have for a long time visitor of the island King Ferdinando di Borbone, who was staying at the Palazzo Canale just to devote himself to his sport preferred, ie hunting quail.


It was recently discovered in the archives of history a long correspondence between him and his wife Maria Carolina, where King Ferdinando told the Queen his hunting Capri in April, when the bird species was part of the migration. Along with the dishes and experimentation of this year, the brothers Vertecchi, along with Vissani, proclaim that the initiative “Capri Four Seasons” will be extended to all other tourist activities on the island who want to remain open each year from April 1 to 2 January. A return to the past, keeping an eye on the present, when the island of Capri was known the world over as a tourist resort living all year round including always spring, autumn and winter.

L’altro Vissani Capri
Via Longano 3, Capri (Napoli)
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