Lasagna of parmigiana procidana

And if you put two superlative dishes together, the result can only be one. Good, very precious good

Lasagna di parmigiana procidana
Lasagna di parmigiana procidana

A typical Carnival pasta used this time to create a new dish with a certain taste.

Lasagna di parmigiana procidana this is the dish that this time invites us to cook our friend Gian Luca di Procida. In this new history, a recipe seasoned by the story that brought us to the plate, the #cuocodelladomenicaprocida uses a special pasta format to get to make a really special dish. Especially because the Parmigiana, in Procida, is cooked in a particular, unique way. We receive and publish as always tel. Good recipe to everyone.

“Lasagna my way.

One of the things I love most in the kitchen is to combine different tastes and culinary traditions. Carnival is approaching and therefore it is by constitution that I need to prepare a lasagna. To celebrate it together with those you love. The problem arises when the wife and the daughter, however, have completely different tastes and appetites compared to each other and to you. To be content with both is impossible but to try is necessary for family peace. Then you have to work with imagination and prepare a filling, for the parmigiana, which is both tasty and with meat and light with vegetables. On the presence of the sauce, however, I do not prescind, also because that also pleases me.

Lasagna di parmigiana procidana . prodotti
Lasagna di parmigiana procidana . prodotti

So I decide to make one, the Bolognese, but more vegetarian. Increase the dose of celery and shallot carrots and decrease the amount of minced meat. Then, seeing that one of the two ladies of the house, his wife, compromises only with his majesty the “eggplant parmigiana alla procidana” I decide to use it to fill some layers of the carnival dish. I omit to describe the preparation of the parmigiana alla procidana referring to the recipe already present on and step directly to bolognese and the assembly of everything (ed at this link the recipe of the parmigiana recipe-typical-tradition-bell-Parmesan-di-eggplant-to-procidan /)

After having just baked the lasagna sheets, preferably fresh pasta, place them in an oven dish. First of all, however, put a state of bolognese in the bottom of the pan otherwise it will stick everything underneath. Then fill the first layer of pasta with the slices of parmigiana sprinkled with plenty of Parmesan cheese and a few slices of smoked provola. Continue with another layer but this time with the Bolognese only and so on the alternation. The choice of the number of floors (which should be seven) and the final ingredient is at will. I, at the top, prefer the slices of parmigiana with a generous amount of parmesan and some fresh basil leaves to be cooked.

For the preparation of the Bolognese I used these ingredients.

Coarse ground beef 500 g
Pork meat minced (quite fat) 250 g
Tomato puree 450 g
1 Celery
1 Golden onion (or 2/3 shallots)
2 Carrots
White wine 1 glass
Extra virgin olive oil as needed
Sugar a pinch
Salt up to qb
Black pepper to taste

Finely chop the carrot, celery and onion. Put the mixture in a pot with a little olive oil and let it fry. Add the minced meat and brown it for a few minutes. Raise the heat and blend with the white wine and let it evaporate the alcohol completely. Pour the tomato sauce, add the sugar and salt to taste. Fill the empty pass bottle with water and pour it into the pot. Cook the bolognese for about two or three hours on low heat.

Lasagna di parmigiana procidana - bolognese
Lasagna di parmigiana procidana – bolognese

This carnival I try again and if they are not satisfied, as they say in economics, I have the competitive advantage of appreciating both tastes and therefore to have generous portions to rely on. Always that they do not eat it. But it will not be like that. Success is assured.

Good lasagna of parmigiana procidana by Gian Luca #cuocodelladomenicaprocida ”

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