The new souls of the Neapolitan puff

sfogliatelle rustiche ferrieri

Antonio Ferrieri is the author of the revolution of the most typical cakes of Naples, “the puffs”. First, the change in shape. The “Vesuvielle, in white or dark chocolate, reminds us of the famous volcano and are named in honor of the Vesuvius.

The traditional puffs, instead, have the most varied tastes: berries, almonds, pistachios and so on. For over 25 years his bakery shop “Cuori di Sfogliatella ” has been offering the famous cake in the savory version too, as per the recipes of celebrity chefs. The most popular flavour? The inevitable sausage and broccoli!

Cuori di Sfogliatella
Corso Novara 1E/F, Napoli
Tel. +39 081.285.685