Linguine with fresh tuna with dried tomatoes and taralli nzogna and pepper

ricetta veloce linguine-tonno- pomodori secchi tarallo napoletano

A wedding is celebrated in this recipe, or recipe-story described as always, that there always comes from our friend Gianluca Procida. This time one of the kings of the island’s table, fresh tuna in oil, meets and merges with His Majesty the tarallo Neapolitan nzogna and pepper. We publish as well as receive.

“This recipe-story I ask Charming publishing, the main ingredient is the magnificent Tonnetto Procidano oil. The flavors procidani this time landed on the mainland, and you are married to one of the must of the Neapolitan tradition. His Majesty “Tarallo n’zogn and pepper.”

I explain how s arrived to cook this dish. Then, I had to reluctantly hand over a can of tuna to Sergio, the Charming to speak, and thanks to a beautiful sunny day I decide to take it directly to the mainland along with tangerines and lemons for my garden accompanied also by a little ‘ fresh mint. One that still resisted in the one little corner of my garden kissed by the winter sun. The intention mni had set was to be kindly and especially “voluntarily” (I brought with me a helmet to make that clear in no uncertain terms) called for a “motorcycle street food day” (I hope you write well of malicious for a ride looking for takeaways typical Neapolitan, to do among the alleys of Naples). But so was because some sudden work commitments blocked Sergio in the office and me, therefore, in Procida. Not knowing what to do impossessai me the kitchen and began to cook something that would uplift your day. As of sprouted enchantment of “taralli nzogna and pepper” previous and fulsome tribute to the neapolitan Sergio. What then was I prepared my simple recipe but with the addition of tarallo crumbled. And was a real treat. Take note

Ingredients for 4 people: 300 grams of tuna in oil procidano (also to box for those who can not otherwise), a lemon, fresh mint, 400 grams of linguine (Gragnano possibly), 400 grams of dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil oil and salt & pepper to taste

Prepare with dried tomatoes and a cold sauce along with half a glass of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice cup, adjusting everything at the end with a little ‘salt and pepper. Tuna instead should be cut into pieces and browned over high heat in a skillet large enough for about 4 minutes in olive oil flavored with the zest of lemon peel. Next, transfer the mixture to the pan and season with another lemon zest and mint leaves. Add the pasta to the sauce and stir completing cooking the linguine. Serve and only at the end sprinkle each plate with the tarallo previously crumbled. I hope you like it too. Enjoy your meal by Gianluca. ”