Dora, eating with the sea in your veins


Da Dora” is written, but you read the top “made in Naples” fish restaurant. An institution for gourmets from all over the world thanks to simple and genuine dishes with traditional tastes. The freshest fish every day. It couldn’t be otherwise since Giovanni Ramaglia and his wife Dora both come from families of fishermen.[charme-gallery]

The house specialities are all mouthwatering: sauté of clams, fisherman’s risotto and linguine alla Dora, crayfish, scampi, prawns, shellfish and squid. All washed down with fine wines.

It has a  family atmosphere with great hospitality, so it’s no surprise that its clients include Roberto Benigni and Luca di Montezemolo, but also “Master Chefs” Cracco, Barbieri and Bastianich.[charme-gallery]

Ristorante Da Dora

Via Ferdinando Palasciano 30, Napoli

Tel. +

Closed Monday at lunch and Sunday in the evening[charme-gallery]