Ecco a voi sua maestà il ripieno fritto!! Grandi protagonisti a Casa Lerario domenica a pranzo

ripieno calzone fritto

The appointment at Casa Lerario, beautiful location in the countryside of Melizzano, in the province of Benevento, is with  fried pizza master Enzo Piccirillo great chef fryers La Masardona of Naples, the amazing pizzeria known around the world for the goodness of his “fried breeches” !! The rich menu of Sunday, will have as a forerunner of the magnificent salads made of fresh products of the farm to which will follow after the fried, the products which come from the high ice cream Pina Molitierno Vanilla Ice Lab in Caserta who will propose on this occasion a refreshing lemon sorbet and ice cream amaretto orange unmissable. Following the pastry chef Ciro Poppella of Naples delight the palate of the guests of the farmhouse with its hugely popular Snowflakes. All lunch will be in the company of the Master brewer Marciano At the craft brewery Maneba Striano that will go perfectly with stuffed with two top beers, the Gold of Naples and Clelia. Closing lunch, the final will be reserved for the Ancient Distillery Andrea Petrone Petrone of Mondragone with Guappa liqueurs and Elixir Falernum. For children an ad hoc menu has been prepared.

Then recapping the menu and the appointment specifications are:

Neapolitans and battilocchios fried Enzo Piccirillo – The Masardona
Big salad with fresh products from the Casa Lerario
Lemon sorbet and natural ice cream Pina Molitierno – Vanilla Ice Lab
Snowflakes – Poppella
Gold of Naples and Clelia – Brewery Maneba
Ancient Spirits Distillery Petrone

Ticket participation for adults: € 24 (beers included)

Children’s menu: € 20

For children there is a large open area with games and a tree house.

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