The Top Ten of fried maccheroni made in Naples

Fast food quail macaroni frittata. Here's where to eat the best in Naples

frittatina fritta napoletana

We always read (and sometimes published) super charts dedicated to this or that other dish, forged by the greatest food and wine or foodbloggher the world (Neapolitan or Italic they were). Classifications often appeared even in foreign journals. On the border in fact. And then we said, but since we are talking of Naples and of all that is beautiful, luscious and produces excellent cuisine of the Gulf cities, because there shadowing us a ranking of flavors “made in Naples”? We who are the poignant Partenope showcase? A ranking of our own, to be honest. Written by an editorial staff, the House, that we in Naples vice and work there. A drawing made of simple people, with many friends with whom we compare tastes, but all lovers of very one of the must eat and run the lanes of Partenope: the omelette of macaroni

Let’s be clear, however, and without detracting from the teachers who work in the province (indeed !!): here we speak only of the “made in town” !! Because it is in Naples that we are dealing with here. And we explain, first of all, the criteria that we have followed for the evaluation of the most famous product of takeaways. Apart from the geographical location (city Naples, as said) we started on the type of dough used to make up the timbale fried, seasoning and degree and quality of cooking. A real criteria. Conditio sine qua non. Essential requirements without which one can not speak of true omelette fried.

And last but not least, to put Toto, we voted second … the taste. That’s right: the taste. An objective criterion, therefore, and a “subjective” to indicate those that “we like more.” Because, as is well known, objective elements aside, it is true that the taste is always a personal matter. In short, we believe we have chosen a cocktail … honest evaluation (at least in our opinion, of course).

Finally one last, needed clarification: we talked about the standings, it’s true. But in reality, most of that classification itself, one built by Charme is a kind of file in … tied. Yes, you read that right: a par. There is, in fact, no podium between omelettes selected by our editorial staff. And the order in which we reported the artisans of taste who produce them, is purely coincidental (well, as we have come to memory !!) because for our “judges” of taste, “all are equal”, from 1 at 10. Clear now? All right. We have over .. To you, now, to find out who they are, according Charming, the true kings of the omelette “made in Naples.”

N.B. We are confident that, once you read the list, some of you will distort the nose. Already it seems to feel, “Why yes, and this other one not? What! You forgot about that!”. Etc etc etc. I’ll say it now. Suggerti you who else should enter the list. Criticisms, recommendations and suggestions are welcome. We will not mind having to do some new editorial meeting in a few fry or pizzeria where none of us has ever been. We all eyes !!

Pizzeria Di Matteo, Via dei Tribunali, 94

Imperatore, Viale Colli Aminei 66

Pizzeria Giuliano, Calata Trinità Maggiore 33

From Pellone to Vasto, Via Nazionale 93

La Padella, Piazza Arenella 21

Timpani and Tempura Antonio Tubelli,  Excellence Campane Via Brin

Rotisserie Vestuto, Piazza G. Vico

Rotisserie Fiorenzano, Via Pignasecca

Luise, Piazza dei Martiri

The Feeling Hot, Via Diocleziano 470