Bread and tomato including all the vegetable garden. Procida is called a sneeze

It's an historic dish on the island. Of peasant origin and made of special bread and earthy flavors

pane e pomodoro a Procida si chiama coluricio
pane e pomodoro a Procida si chiama coluricio

It’s not just bread and tomato but much, much more. Procida is called a blush and also means many memories.

Bread and tomato including all the vegetable, we titled, and indeed it is. It has always been a dish of peasant origin where the flavors of the earth dominate. That same earth thick that you have the honor and honor to cultivate.

And so it was also for Peppinieddo, grandfather of our friend Gianluca who sends us from the island of Arturo, the storicetta that then leads us to understand how this dish is made typical of the agricultural history of the island. So let’s report what we have received and wish you all to be able to taste a great, beautiful and especially tasty bitter as soon as possible.

“The shred of bread and tomato. I did not know very well Grandpa Puppinieddo but I have a great memory of him. I remember with affection some of his features that made that silent grandfather and dodgy a person to keep, for example because he was a great worker. Always at the same time, she walked from the front curve with the unmistakable black four-legged black-haired midfielder at her side anticipating a meter. Zappa on shoulder and wicker basket with lunch and bottle of red wine.

When I could go to him to find out his peasant secrets and attend harvest seasonal products like vintage with all my uncles and cousins. An episode in particular keeps his memories alive in me. One day I found him out of his chest sitting on the sgangled chair looking worried inside where on the table there was the wicker basket, the gunshot that Grandma had prepared for him. Inside lunch while the wine was fresh in the “pool” of rain water. When I asked him why he had not eaten yet, he had a bit of hesitation but then he took my arm, which he never did and confided to me that having seen a snake and was afraid to go in. She expected someone to take it.

I, who still has a real phobia for the snakes, made me brave and happy with his precious as a sporadic gesture of affection shortly before, I went to recover the “leash”. He was delighted and said I was brave and asked if I wanted to have lunch with him. The wine was not for me but the “culprit of bread and pummarole”, we could divide it. Even today when I prepare it I remember that day, that episode and how Grandma prepared that wonderful bread.


Cherry tomatoes (preferably small ones)
Onions or garlic
Green chillies
Extra virgin olive oil
Palatella or any bread that has a skeleton as a final part

With these ingredients, and with all the season that the vegetable garden offered, he prepared a salad and shared it with “good oil” (today we call it oil, but nothing has to do with that of his grandfather). He tasted the whole thing and then put it in the final part of the “palatella”, the dumbbell or cozzetto, previously emptied with a pointed knife. In this way, he made a cake cone that was used to close the precious mixture.

pane e pomodoro a Procida si chiama coluricio
Pane e pomodoro a Procida si chiama colurcio

The secret was to push the chunks with the fingertips inside so that the juice they allowed to penetrate into the bread. In the end, he added the crumpled cone and completed the masterpiece with another generous oil spoon and some freshly picked basil leaves. Obviously all accompanied by a glass of white wine refreshed in the rainwater pool, present in all the houses of the island.

Hello grandfather I’m afraid like you snakes !!!!

Gian Luca #Codecloth SundayProcide ”

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