Here is the Christmas cake panettone with 18-carat gold leaves

E' "Oro puro" la nuova creazione di Sal De Riso: costa 120 euro al chilo e la produzione è limitatissima. Ma dalla Russia e dai Paesi Arabi piovono ordini

Il panettone gioiello ricoperto con foglie d'oro di Sal De Riso

It is covered with 18 carat gold leaves, it uses a triple leavening and is made with dark chocolate Venezuela Sur Del Lago 72% of Domori. It is “Pure Gold”, the new creation of Sal De Riso, a panettone-jewel of the famous pastry shop of Minori (Salerno) in the heart of the Amalfi Coast.

The cost is not for all: 120 euros per kilo, and the production is very limited, only ten pieces. But at his “debut” on social media enthusiasts responded enthusiastically: many orders, especially from Russia and the Arab countries. Sal De Riso for the truth this year had aimed as new Christmas 2017 on panettone “Anna” with ricotta and pear to celebrate the 20 years since its creation worldwide famous, the ricotta cake and pear precisely.

Then, in these last days of the year, the new arrival came only yesterday from the Tramonti laboratories and on sale only in the Minori bistrot “Sal De Riso Cosa D’Amalfi”. How it’s done? “It is made with dark chocolate Venezuela Sur Del Lago 72% of Domori – explains Sal De Riso – and makes use of a triple leavening of the dough, natural acid, enriched with the best chocolate over, of course, to be entirely covered with leaves of 18 carat gold .