Pearls of milk, flavor guaranteed


Set up in 1993 to protect and promoteCampania’s buffalo milk mozzarella d.o.p. (protected denomination of origin), the Consortium is the only organisation recognised by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and the European Union. Its primary objective is to safeguard the production and sale of the traditional cheese made in the provinces of Caserta,Salerno,Benevento an Naples, but it also aims to defend the denomination ‘mozzarella’ worldwide and to constantly improve its production techniques and final quality. [charme-gallery]This will be achieved through technical assistance in the various dairies and farms as well as by monitoring production and trade of mozzarella to ensure compliance with the regulations on denomination of origin. The data on recent years is most reassuring. The Consortium increased production by 10% in 2006 after a successful 2005 in which nearly 30 million kilos of cheese was sold for a turnover of about 280 million Euros. The recent crisis stemming from the problem of rubbish disposal inCampaniadoes not seem to have had long-term effects and the product still meets with success in Europe and overseas.