A celebration with the resurrection of the palate

fellata misto salumi

Each festivity respects its dishes and traditions. No exception for Easter, that celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. Lamb meat is probably the most representative symbol of this ancient and prestigious occasion. It symbolizes Jesus, who is the Lamb of God, sent as a sacrifice to atone the sins of men. The Easter egg is the symbol par excellence of this holiday too. Eggs have always been considered sacred symbols because they bear life in their shells.[charme-gallery]They have the appearance of a cold and lifeless stone, just like the stone tomb in which Jesus was laid after the Crucifixion. But, in the shell lies a new life ready to bloom, just as the son of God did when he came out of his grave. The tradition of chocolate eggs is fairly recent, but the habit of giving as a present real or artificial eggs, embellished, decorated or covered with precious materials such as silver and gold, began in the Middle Ages and spread through the aristocracy in Europe.[charme-gallery]Nowadays eggs are made of chocolate, but it is customary for Neapolitan people also to consume boiled eggs, beautifully combined with other traditional foods made in Campania. In Naples, there is no Easter without the “fellata”, a succulent appetizer of cold meats, cheese and boiled eggs. (followed second part)