Tasty notes that will never be out of tune


Excellent cuisine, outstanding care for details, a caring staff, and the menus of the great Neapolitan tradition, like tomato “del piennolo”, buffalo mozzarella, first-class wines, Gragnano pasta, and local meat. In the heart of Sorrento stands La Basilica, a cathedral of taste, born thanks to the experience of Paolo Esposito. Every dish made by the chef is a masterpiece for the palate. Even pizza, rigorously Neapolitan,  is a triumph.

The other temple “made in Esposito” is just around the corner. The charming Museo Caruso is an extraordinary cadeau devoted to the memory of the great Neapolitan tenor. A meeting-place for the lovers of the artist who made Partenope resound worldwide.

The atmosphere here is unique: among the tables stands out a rare collection of original memorabilia, records, posters and portrayals of Caruso. It is just like a museum. A tribute which deserves to be lived with a glass of excellent wine and a dish of tasty spaghetti, in the most charming trip among unforgettable notes and succulent Mediterranean dishes. A cocktail which made Museo Caruso a long-lasting success.

Ristorante Museo Caruso
via S. Antonino, 12 – Sorrento (Napoli)
Tel: +39.081.807.3156

Ristorante La Basilica
Via Sant’Antonino, 28, Sorrento (Napoli)
Tel: +39.081.877.4790