Bruschettone Nonna Maria. Procida, family passion


Procida this time receive and publish tel quel, this storicetta (history + recipe), linked to a special person in every family, the grandmother, as well as one of the most used products in recipes and cooking in Campania, the sott eggplant ‘ oil. Thanks always to our friend Gian Luca, author of the script, which shares our tastes and feelings from the island of Arturo.

“The storicetta that this time I share with friends Charming, needs no particular explanation on how to prepare for it is so simple, that even a child or a kitchen neophyte can successfully and easily prepare. But for me it has a special importance because it is linked to one of the most important figures in my life, Nonna Maria, my roommate during my years as a college singles. I believe that many have linked to a dish, a memory linked to a person, for themselves special.

For a long time, me and my Grandmother, I took the apartment dividing the company of my family when I was studying for college exams. Divided the apartment into two leaving communal kitchen. The next morning, as I was that I would get up before you, preparing the coffee and expect to share the best moment of the day, namely that of coffee just woken up.

But we come to the bruschetta. Grandma was a very good farmer and lover of simple and tasty food and despite the infirmities of age did not enable it to eat everything, every now and then he allowed himself some tears. Ripping my favorite I did, is certainly that of bruschetta with pickled eggplant. In fact, during the summer, when the garden eggplant were the right ripeness, she used to prepare “buccaccetti eggplant in oil” to be consumed immediately and then during the winter.

But as always before Christmas were already finished. When I came home I realized immediately that it was the evening of the tear to the rule because I found two empty dishes in the kitchen, a nice glass of red wine for her and a glass with a slice of lemon for me that I dined with a more mundane cold cola . The bread that was baked in wood used and came from the neighbor across the Pozzuoli.

Ingredients: peasant bread (called peasant) baked in a wood, datterini tomatoes, freshly picked basil, dried oregano homemade, eggplant in olive oil (our Procida), spicy cheese or buffalo mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, white onion (to whom like), ground red pepper, salt.

Cut the bread into coarse slices, high at least two or three centimeters to be worthy of being called bruschettoni, and pour over a little ‘oil buccaccetto the eggplant and let moisten into a serving dish. In a bowl, prepare a salad with all the other ingredients together and let them soak for an hour at room temperature. After the wait, compose bruschettoni with the amount of seasoning that you like, taking care to prepare his last if you are of those who seek the best of food.

Even today, when I make bruschetta or bruschettoni, it seems to enjoy them along with you.”