You want two paccheri? With courgette and mussels if you like

paccheri fiori di zucca cozze

The recipes of traditional cuisine of Campania.

If you use Gragnano pasta and tomatoes Vesuvius, this dish will know even more good. You will have to engage in finding good zucchini flowers as well as some good mussels. The combination of all this will be a flat taste idyllic.

Ingredients for 4 people: 400 gr paccheri, 300g clams, mussels 500 grams, 60 grams pumpkin flowers, 200 g tomatoes Vesuvius, 1 garlic, 1 bundle parsley, half a glass of white wine (or Falanghina or Greco Tufo) oil, salt, black peppercorns to grind


Rinse the seafood, then get them to open it in a pot with a lid. Retrieved the fund released water, filtering it with a small towel and a strainer. In a pan bottom, you fry the garlic in a bit ‘of parsley. Cooked  to delete it. Add finely chopped tomatoes, the zucchini flowers cut into julienne and seafood seared previously (some prefer to also peel them – do as you like). Season with a little salt (there is already in seafood), a dash of ground black pepper and chopped parsley. Do sprinkle with half a glass of white wine and follow the water is seafood aside. The sauce should thicken. Drain the paccheri al dente, and sauté in the sauce for at least one minute since when you pull a little ‘the sauce. Embellished the dish with parsley leaves. Enjoy your meal.