Bombs with lemon cream. Procida makes us dream!!

bombe crema di limone

The traditional Campania recipes.

According us a family challenge is open. And we will explain why. The recipe that we publish, as received, is the most gentle Marisa, madame procidan doc and wife of Mr. Gianluca, one of the Charming fans who have long send us recipes of traditional island cuisine Gulf. The lady there now pays homage to the recipe for a cake of all time enhanced by the lemon yellow presence isolate. so we expect to see who, between husband and wife, will have more following among our readers.

Ingredients for bombs: 250 gr flour Manitoba, 250 00 flour, 80 g butter, peanut oil (or lard), 150 g sugar, 25 g yeast, grated rind of 1 lemon, 125 ml warm milk, 125 ml of water, a pinch of salt, powdered sugar to taste

Ingredients for the cream: 1/2 liter of milk, 60 g sugar, 80 grams of flour, 2 egg yolks, lemon

Preparation for bombs

Place in a bowl the lukewarm milk and dissolve the yeast. Then add the sugar and the water together with the grated lemon rind (be careful not to scrape the white part is bitter). Complete by adding flour and stir until mixture is smooth.

Only now added to the mixture obtained the butter and a pinch of salt. Working the new dough well and let rise for 2 hours, taking care to cover it with a film.

Get from leavened many diskettes 1 cm thick and place on waxed paper and let them rise again for half an hour. Cut the wax paper so as not to touch the disks by hand and fry them in hot oil. Put them to dry on absorbent paper

Preparation lemon cream

We heat the milk with the cream of limoncello while separately work the egg yolks with sugar and flour. Below we stemperiamo this mixture with the milk and mix vigorously until thicken the cream.

When the cream is cold farciamo bombs and cover with plenty of sugar … or we serve apart cream in small bowls for each diner. So, take your pick.