Curly egg noodles with cream of asparagus and peas. From Procida earth flavors !!

fettuccine asparagi piselli procida

Procida continues to be, an inexhaustible mine of new recipes and culinary taste dall’indubbio fantasies. And why even we publish tel quel, a recipe received by our friend Gianluca, isolate doc and very special home cook.

Recipes of Campania cuisine.

“Who is Procida definitely know the meaning of the word “campone”. To the uninitiated and those who were not isolate, I will try to explain it. True “campone” that’s the funny activities of youth, having as its goal the removal of peas and beans from orchards that of friends and family (and only these) in order then to eat them, creating an opportunity for friendship or family gathering, accompanied by caciotta seasoned, pancetta, a few glasses of wine and the subsequent lots of fun. It’s like saying “I do a party, and you bear to eat unconsciously”. To succeed in this sport, camponata, you have to be nimble shoots, knowing how to act in the dark and very important thing to be guard dogs are friends of the gardens that you go to visit.

To start this business you may want to practice in the gardens of the immediate family, grandparents, uncles and relatives, then move on to fields and the land of the closest friends. But that when the experience and the ability to run and jump is enough for any type of getaway. The memory of those flavors, made me decide to cook something with one of these ingredients, peas, present in the gardens of our island together with wild asparagus that you can still find a few rainy days.

I’ve eaten alone with my loved ones because my great friend Sergio once again preferred not to be a guest procidano, but go around and around Naples with his beloved camera to stop time in order to be jerky lover of our lands. His images, warm the heart. I admire and respect his passion, but in my opinion, the refusal to the invitation, hides the unconscious fear to challenge my kitchen, because then up to him to try their hand in the kitchen and maybe invite me in that of Naples to try some of his as it is also an accomplished master of the kitchen. Hello Sergio, however, we love you, therefore I invite you (because you never come). Now let’s see the ingredients and making of recipe.

Ingredients for 4 people: 400 grams of egg fettuccine curly, a bunch of wild asparagus, 350 grams of green peas, 50 grams of almonds, 100 grams of grated Parmesan cheese, half a glass of white wine, extra virgin olive oil, fresh bechamel already prepared, whole black pepper to grind, salt to taste

Cut the asparagus into two and to make small pieces the bottom thus leaving the upper part also integrates for the decoration of the final dish. Put this top of the asparagus and peas in a pan (I always use that of aluminum), where we warmed up the oil with the addition of a little ‘ground black pepper and cook for about twenty minutes with blurring of ‘excellent white wine (to Procida which is loose from the island greengrocers is yummy). Once cooked remove some of the asparagus tips and a portion of peas and store them for impiattamento. Put the remaining asparagus (the bottom chopped) and peas in a blender with half of the Parmesan cheese, freshly grated almonds and the sauce that you have prepared before. When the mixture is homogeneous pour it into the pan and add the pasta immediately after draining, always al dente, and finish cooking by adding other part of the Parmesan. To assemble the dish with asparagus tips and peas crammed for impiattamento, and serve hot.

Good appetite from Procida.

P.S. Hello Grandfather if from there you can read this recipe I wanted to tell you that the peas and beans from your garden often disappeared because of me. But did you know so much already. Them were eating cooked too soon after by her mother.”