Bucatini amatriciana pretend. From the history of the kitchen

A cheaper version of the original recipe of the amatriciana elaborated by the people in the nineteenth century


The traditional recipes

With imagination driven by financial scarcities get anywhere up to create dishes in the mirror and taste equally good and satisfying the most demanding palates. In this mock amatriciana, we are missing the bacon, making then this must of the professional kitchen lighter and more digestible than its original.

Serves 4: gr. 400 bucatini, 400 g San Marzano tomatoes, 2 large onions (Tropea if possible), 40 grams of grated parmesan cheese mixed with pecorino, extra virgin olive oil to taste, black peppercorns to grind if you like spicy.

Making of recipe

The key issue is the onion in this version of the fake amatriciana. The whole procedure for onions should last up to 30 minutes. In a large shallow saucepan, boil in a glass of water the two sliced ​​onions, not small. Dry water, add at least 6 tablespoons of oil to brown them. What happened, pour a little ‘of water to make them continue to cook until it reaches the cooking time previously indicated. Meanwhile do not forget to turn pot with a wooden spoon. In a separate pan, cook the tomatoes for 10 minutes before crash with hands.

Afterwards pour into the pan with the onions have browned and cook, uncovered, all for 10 minutes. Boiled pasta, turn pot in the pan with the sauce over low heat before Serve topped with parmesan and pecorino. And a sprinkling of black pepper if you like. Smoking have a great scent.