Meat casket from Procida!! Double walker with mushrooms, smoked cheese and sausage black crumbled Caserta

secondo di carne ripieno

The recipes of traditional Campania cuisine.

The pleasure of good food has no limits and creativity is one of the firebrands that powers it, for ever achieve the goal of delighting the taste of all, yours and that of your guests. We publish as then received another recipe received by our friend Gian Luca that fully expresses the research and the constant desire for new flavors but always linked to a base of historic flavors of the territory.

How is your diet?
Well, I removed the sweets, bread, pasta, alcohol ….
And what have you lost?
The joy of living!……….

After reading this post on a company, I decided to create a “light” dish to be of help to those who make a balanced diet during the week and we grant a “bad mistake” on Sunday. Some may think that this is autobiographical, and I just can not blame him.

Somewhere I read that really there is a relationship between diet and mental well-being and that the foods we eat every day, not only serve to give us energy to support us, but they can play a vital role on our mood.

Well I think that sometimes a calorie and tasty dish aid very good mood but on condition that we do not take the face with guilt the next day. You can not live with remorse.

Given the success of pens between my guests (I do not know among the Charming readers) I decided to repeat with the same ingredients by adding the smoked cheese that my friend Sergio “gently I” donated after I asked shamelessly having He knew he was in around the Lattari Mountains and then in the home of provolone, Agerola.

We come to the ingredients and the making of recipe.

Serves 4: 1 kg of sliced ​​silverside, mixed mushrooms, smoked provola from Agerola, 2 sausages crumbled black Caserta, 00 flour, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, black pepper freshly ground beans, carrots Chopped parsley and shallots , Butter, Salt to taste

In a nonstick skillet (though I always use my trusty frying pan of restaurants aluminum) melt the butter with black pepper freshly ground. When the butter has the right consistency and temperature fry one by one the slices of silverside previously breaded with flour. Cook each slice in order to then finish cooking in the oven along with the other ingredients.

For mushrooms and crumbled sausage proceed as follows. In the same pan put the two ingredients along with chopped carrots, shallots and parsley. Add the excellent olive oil (I gave him my uncle that produces it here on the island) and cook blending with white wine and season with a micro sprinkling of black pepper.

Completed the two firings, in a baking dish (also fine those aluminum) previously buttered, compose the dish by spreading the first slice of stored free walker on which a slice of provolone and mixed mushrooms and sausages. Then cover with the other slice of Walkers and the casket is made. Now put in the oven at 180 degrees for about twenty minutes.

Dish … eat ……… .and maybe do it again ……

Bon appetit to all by Gian Luca from the island of Procida