Linguine with mussels lighthouse of Procida

linguine alle cozze del faro di Procida

Receive and publish cum yet another recipe of traditional cuisine of a fan Charming, carried out according to the island of Arturo seems to school for the linguine with mussels.

… Unfortunately one of the guests, hardly able to move, and to “console” him we send photos of the dinner and its preparation, however, regretted the fact that, through pictures or writing, you can also make people feel the scents of main dish of the evening.

But we move now to do what is necessary to get the final result. To prepare, as a first commitment, you have to go during the afternoon of the same day of the dinner, a swim at lighthouse Procida, with accomplice and assistant his daughter sure to leave mom at home because they are too apprehensive when his are mission. Commit to collect mussels, making sure to take only the bigger ones to not destroy the ecosystem, fragile and valuable anywhere.

Once back at home, and calmed the wife, collect datterini tomatoes from the garden of the house along with scents such as parsley and basil. After cleaning and freed from fine linen mussels, put them in boiling water without adding, in a deep pan until all you are open. Thus leaving some free them from the shell to use to beautify the put in the bot.

Getting the white wine, preferably one uncle, or a cousin any will do the same, which in addition to being free is certainly very good. Put the mussels in a large frying pan aluminum together with olive oil, wine and parsley and fry everything slowly in order not to lose the flavor of sea mussels (who wants to can add the crushed garlic, but I prefer to keep intact the scent that the mussels emit light wine with only villager)[charme-gallery] During the brief cooking of the mussels to clean the tomatoes datterini (basically 4/5 tomatoes per person) and simply cut them in half. Add the tomatoes and mussels from adding a bit of basil and crushed red pepper. Cook all together for a few minutes, taking care not to soften the tomatoes which, I assure you, they are so good ones of my little garden, they can be eaten by way ‘of cherries. Cook the linguine al dente and cook for two minutes in the large pan with the sauce by adding chopped parsley.

For the record, the friend who could not come is Sergio Gradogna, author of the recipes Charming and many other editorials, and that I am a true friend, I will invite him again with the hope of not having to cook myself, but it’s him to grapple with this simple but delicious recipe or with any of its major topics.

Good appetite and a greeting to all, Gian Luca  from Procida

Serves 6

Gragnano 600 grams of pasta …
mussels ……… the right (at least 2 kg)
tomatoes datterini …… .4 / 5 per person
… a whole bunch parsley
white wine … ..a glass or so (at the table, much more)
hot pepper … ..qb
basil … a few leaves
extra virgin … the right