Paccheri pumpkin and mussels, colorful flavor


Recipes of Campania cuisine.

Gragnano pasta and paccheri this time. It will make them blend better with the sauce. The color of the pumpkin and the mussels, broken by the green of the parsley, also form a bell color appearance as well as a great delicate flavor and aroma very special.

Serves 4: 400 g paccheri, 600 g pumpkin peeled, 1 kg mussels, 1 sprig parsley, tomato corbarino 6, 1 small shallot, red pepper, olive oil, salt

Making of recipe

In a large saucepan, then it will have to accommodate the pasta to stir, put enough oil and finely chopped shallots with pepper into small pieces. A minute later, add also the tomatoes that you have first cut into small pieces. Soon after entered the pumpkin, cut into julienne strips or ribbons with large grater. Cook for a little ‘with the cover and softening the pumpkin with a wooden spoon. Meanwhile, after cleaning for the mussels, cook them in a pot. At their opening, strain the cooking water and shelled almost all the mussels, keeping only some whole to embellish the dish.

The sauce in the pan try to make it creamy and then add the mussels to make them mix. During this final stage will also add half a cup of cooking water mussels that you had stored. Let it dry to dry without the sauce. The very last step is to pour the sauce the pasta cooked al dente to make stir adding the chopped parsley into small pieces. Serve with some mussel whole.