Linguine carbonara tuna taste of summer

The linguine with tuna carbonara bring to the fore a rich and tasty fish. The tuna that many times is used as a protagonist in so many dishes


Recipes traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

And tuna brings more to the table in the summer. Many times it is used to flavor the first type of pasta salads, or is proposed as a main course accompanied by fresh seasonal vegetables. This time, however, I propose as the protagonist in a variant of the ancient and well known carbonara. For convenience, and costs, can also be used in the preparation of cans of tuna (remembering to drain them for good) instead of fresh tuna, or even than frozen.

Serves 4: 320 g of linguine (pasta from Gragnano if possible), 3 eggs, 300 g fresh tuna (if frozen at least 400 grams – if in box, at least 3 150 g), 60 g mixed grated parmesan and pecorino, 1 small shallot, black peppercorns to grind, extra virgin olive oil, salt, parsley bundle 1

Making of recipe

First, chopped shallots and let it brown in a pan with oil low and wide. Just browned add the tuna, taking care to break good regardless if it is fresh or thawed in the box. The tuna should almost crisp. In a separate bowl, break the three eggs mixing them well for taking care of salt them lightly, adding half the dose of the mixture of the two cheeses and a first sprinkling of black pepper ground.

Bring cooked al dente linguine and pour into the pan where large tuna, adding the contents of the bowl of eggs. A low heat stir the whole thing and just eggs coagulate, serve adding the other half of the cheese, the finely chopped parsley and one last drop of black pepper if you like. There is already coming famine? We will.