Spaghetti four tomatoes, red flavor from Vesuvio

spaghetti ai quattro pomodori

The recipes of the traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

Tomatoes of four different types, each grown in the Gulf, pasta produced on the slopes of the Lattari in that of Gragnano and, finally, the shallot. What may be even stranger, but if speaking of Campania, would not be bad. It could be as a deck in the Neapolitan dialect Doc.

 Serves 4: 400g spaghetti Gragnano, plum confit 100g, 100g plum tomatoes, 100g of green tomatoes, 100g of Piccadilly withered, extra virgin olive oil, 1 medium shallot, salt and black pepper, hard, basil .

Making of recipe.

Not more of the cooking time of the pasta. This preparation time for this first course. For this recipe the ancient tradition of Neapolitan cuisine, where they used all that remained for not throwing anything, even the tomatoes of results were all used. In a large pan then put more than enough oil to cook before the shallots, cut very, very finely, and cook all four tomatoes cut into small pieces. [charme-gallery]Maximum five, ten minutes. It depends on how you like soft tomatoes. But someone cook it whole and then garnish the dish. Salty now. Pepper, grating powder grains of black pepper, only when put the pasta cooked a bit hard into the pan and cook with the tomatoes for a minute or two. Garnish with basil leaves and whole tomatoes if you have them cooked. In addition to spaghetti, you could also use some good homemade or short-sleeved striped.