Trail of delicate fragrance from Procida. Ziti striped with lemon, mint and parmigiano

ziti menta limone parmigiano

And the smell that emanates this recipe of our friend Gianluca procidano, is unbelievable. Just as it is incredibly easy, simple and quick to prepare. This recipe story, so called because of the story that then leads to the taste of the final dish, are well-blended scents of the island such as lemon and mint with parmesan and pepper. Fresh, not only during the summer because of the lemon, it will allow you to offer to any guests, something new and absolutely suitable for all tastes. We receive and publish tel quel.

“Often we say it, and even more often we think, the simple things are always the best. And I’ll explain in this recipe story, as I have had yet another proof. This concept I always say to my daughter and I try to make him understand mainly with my behavior, that simplicity should be the basis of everything. And yesterday, I realized that perhaps the message is passed. In fact, while painting with her the external facade of the house I saw the infant home away and move toward the small vegetable garden that we face and collect the fresh mint and a lemon and then give it all to Mom. The two have conspired together for a couple of minutes and the little maid returned to his work as a painter aide complete with a professional brush, perhaps even bigger than her, and really want to do. In the evening while taking a shower I felt that with the help of her mother, Marisa my wife, preparing dinner. The surprise was great when entering I found on the table one of my favorite dishes, namely pasta with mint, parmesan cheese with a nice lemon juice. And guess what he told me? I’ll reported verbatim: “Have you seen daddy? I also know how to cook, and as you say, the simple things are the most good. ”

Moved and happy, I ate a hearty pasta dish, and not just to give her satisfaction, but precisely because it is a dish from a great flavor. Procida lemons and mint from the garden, give off a trail of irresistible fragrance. Work hard and in the sun all day have done the rest. Almost, almost the pasta was not enough. But maybe it’s all an excuse. The pasta is pasta and then, prepared by my princesses, is the best thing in the world !!

Preparing very simple and fast that they used my two ladies. Just as well as I do. Evidently they spied me as I was preparing some time. Then I’ll explain. Cook pasta and drain it al dente and keep a little ‘cooking water. Pour the pasta immediately after draining in a high bowl and wide adding mint, two parmesan, lemon juice obtained and ground pepper (if you like a touch of spice). Of course, the oil and then stir. If needed, add a little ‘cooking water. Put in the pot served with a nice mint leaf on top of the plate and a half-side lemon moon.

Serves 2: 2 tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese, 1 tablespoon parmesan romano, some mint leaves, lemon, black pepper to grind if you like a touch of spicy, 200 gr ziti stripped (the ones you would use for a Genoese), a tablespoon of oil ages

Gian Luca Costagliola from the island of Procida


I take this opportunity to raise awareness of all who read this recipe story, to be in solidarity with us Procida man because at this time we fight a hard battle so that civil institutions do not close the only hospital on the island with 9 seats. This is the facebook page of the island of Procida struggle Committee. We hope many of you will come.