Noodles orange, summer scent at the table


Typical summer recipe especially in areas where the orange is home, and then especially south of the Garigliano. You can delete the brandy if you want and blend with a prosecco, or change another couple of ingredients depending on how much you have in your galley. To prepare this wonderful dish you will not take more than thirty minutes. So everything easy, fast and summer.

Ingredients for two people: 250 grams of egg noodles, 1 small shallot or scallion white, 1 blood orange, 200 grams of sauce already prepared (or Philadelphia if times more light), 1 teaspoon of saffron, one of brandy spritz , a knob of butter, a sprig of fresh parsley, olive oil, black pepper from mince, salt

Making of recipe.

Chop the shallot or small white onion and brown it in a skillet with a little oil. then grate the orange (colored part only, no white could be bitter) and to follow spremetela to obtain the juice. Then coock onion, add the same large saucepan the juice, the chopped orange peel, the white sauce (or Philadelphia) and a teaspoon of saffron. After a few minutes you also fade the brandy into the pan. Cooked the noodles al dente, riversateli in large saucepan aggiustandoli salt and the ground black pepper. Before serving, add the chopped parsley also as a final act. If you have preserved a slice of orange poggiandola embellished the dish on the board.