Little gnocchi with clams, broccoli and tomato piennolo. So good that you will never be enough


Tradition and innovation hand in hand with the fusion of elements that are magnificent. And imagine if joined together. Not more than thirty minutes preparation, therefore also easy and quick to perform. And if you have guests and the right necessary for the dish, we assure you that you will make a great impression.

Ingredients for two people: 500 grams of little gnocchi potatos, 500 grams of clams, a bunches of broadleaf broccoli, 6/8 tomato piennolo, a falanghina cup, half a small pepper, oil, salt.

Making of recipe

After thoroughly rinsed broccoli and dried with a cloth, cook them in a nice pot off but only after one minute you cross the chili. Add salt only very little after also added the hanging cherry tomatoes properly chopped, almost cooked broccoli, depending on whether you like them soft and crunchy. They must cook up still three minutes all together. At the same time, in another pot Instead, cook the beautiful fresh clams, which after being opened, for half remove shell  (preserved one, or half cup of water in their cooking).

These will add to the pan with the broccoli at the end of their cooking, and for a minute you will cook with half the falanghina cup. Those with the preserved shells for later. For the little gnocchi do not need more than two minutes of cooking in a pot of lightly salted. Cooked poured them into the pan with the broccoli and shelled clams also pouring the cup of the clam cooking water. Do go along with clams in their shells in a minute and the dish is ready. A pure delight, we assure you.