Linguine with lobster, rich dish of sea

ricetta linguine astice

The taste of a lobster is known from ancient times as well as show some frescoes in the Pompeian excavations, where they were found representation with lobsters doing to assume that even the largest of the Mediterranean crustacean, lobster, was already flat field by the Italian cuisine. Obviously if you can arrange for fresh ones, the taste of the sea will be even more intense. But we now turn to the recipe as well as cooked by the chefs in the kitchens of the gulf.

Ingredients for two people: 180 gr linguine (pasta gragnano if possible), 1 large lobster (around 500 grams), 400 grams of tomatoes (piennolo if possible or datterini), 1 garlic clove, half a glass of white wine (Falanghina greek or tufa), a bunch of parsley, salt, olive oil, black pepper

Making of recipe

In this recipe we suggest you prepare the sauce in two trays, one for tomatoes, the other for the lobster. In a large pan then put enough oil where you brown the crushed garlic clove. Here, to follow, add tomatoes duly cut into several parts as you like. Salt and pepper lightly bringing cooked in no more than 5-6 minutes. The lobster instead, after cutting it in half and broke the claws, I put in another pan with oil pour into the pot from the pulp. Here, after two or three minutes of cooking, even riverserete the half glass of white wine, allowing fade for another three, four minutes. Salt lightly.

The lobster will also release a bit ‘of its water, and send it back to the other side to cook it entirely, and if necessary drizzle with a few bucket of hot water, brought to a boil in a separate saucepan. At the end add it in large pan with the tomatoes and let it season with the sauce. Another dash of white wine would not hurt us. Pasta brought to cooking, riversatela in the pan with the sauce and the lobster and let stir everything together for a couple of minutes up mixing with the bunch of chopped parsley. Serve taking on the one hand and on the other the lobster pasta. You already felt the taste? Well, then good appetite.

The photo is of the Restaurant to The Poet of Naples.

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