Dumplings grandmother, the unique taste

The recipe of the meatballs at the Neapolitan ragout has ancient origins. Their trace, in the history of cooking, is found in a document of the fifteenth century

polpette con la salsa, ragù, ricetta napoletana

Their track in the history of cooking is in a document of the fifteenth century cook Maestro Martino, where we talk about the various ways of cooking cuts or minced meat. Then, however, it seems you did not see the tomato in their preparation. Over the centuries, and according to the regional cuisine, you get the current and most known make them unique. In Campania, the queen of the meatballs to the sauce is laying down a pre-frying before you cook for good in tomato. In this recipe that is sent from Free Giovanna Badalucci, boss chef of SottoSopra Procida, dumpling, so her grandmother would cook, not fried and therefore softer and lighter. In its restaurant, they are a must on the menu. But we see the ingredients and how to prepare it. We publish as well as receive.

“The characteristic of Grandma’s meatballs is their softness. They are not fried meatballs but directly cooked in the sauce. Ingredients. For a pound of ground beef beef takes about 700 grams of stale bread, from 3 to 4 eggs, 150 grams of grated parmesan cheese, a bunch of parsley, a medium onion, salt and pepper to taste, a dash of lemon and a Cup of milk. Making of recipe. We start with the crumble the bread to which we add all the ingredients except the milk that must be put at the end. Did this begin to spray the mixture with milk until the consistency of the dough will always be firm, but not hard. The consistency of the dough, specify, often also depends on the quality of bread that is being used, and also from this it then flows the softness of the patties after cooking. So regulator depending on the product you use. Moving on. In a frying pan from the edge up, we begin to fry over low heat in olive oil the finely chopped onion, to which we add the basil leaves. Then we add the meatballs in the pan that will consist of the magnitude that we like. Then we add the tomato paste made from tomatoes datterini (to which we have given a slight scalded, depriving them of the peel and then pass them). Add salt to taste. Simmer the sauce over low heat for about 30-40 minutes or a sin when it dries. When cooked, add more basil, and for even more perfuming the dish, is to decorate it as it deserves with a nice touch of green. ”

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