Rigatoni with shrimp and zucchini. flavors of the sea and land

rigatoni-zucchine-e-gamberettin procida

They are doing well, unite, blend well together to condiments. This somewhat ‘explanation of the Italianate sommarietto “c’azzeccano propeto.” To be able to be sure you will just try to cook them so then. As well as the recipe you sent us from our friend Gianluca Procida, now assumed the role of Sunday home chef isolate. We receive and publish as such its ricettastory.

“Honoring Sunday with a first fresh and fast it is easy when all you have fresh shrimp. Those that usually is your expert father to procure, at dawn, the paranza trust. Even easier is to put together a nice plate with “Color” and the “tastes” of the typical Mediterranean diet when it’s your mother who burned them (the shrimp) and keeping clean the heads necessary to also prepare an excellent soup cooking. To you, it is almost only have had the idea of ​​what to prepare for lunch. But as you will read, very hard, I pushed myself beyond. So I’ll tell you. After making a beautiful walk on foot Chiaiolella area along with my women (wife and daughter for the gossip columns), it remained to finish the dish of the holy day by adding the brilliant green of zucchini and pasta straw yellow generously “joint “gold extra virgin olive oil that my Neapolitan Sergio friend (lover photographer and connoisseur of flavors that I have already mentioned a few times), has just delivered me from Melizzano (old town of Benevento) thanks to its familiar with the most expert local producers.

But back to the preparation of the dish. After you cut the zucchini into thin slices, put them together with peeled shrimp and cook together for a few minutes in plenty of extra virgin olive oil blending with the excellent white wine (mine is procidano Doc of course). Instead of salt used to flavor everything, some capers from Pantelleria salted it will give a special touch thanks to its precious flavor and also their excellent beneficial properties, which at another time I will show you, can be used as an excuse to do encore or abound slightly in serving sizes. After cooking (golden zucchini), add the pasta immediately after draining, always al dente, and finish cooking by adding, as required, the cooking broth with the heads of shrimp (the broth is obtained by cooking them with oil, salt, parsley, onion and a little ‘pepper, a cup of white wine, and then baking it all in half a liter of water until reduced).

As always good appetite from Procida by your “chef of Sunday” Gian Luca Costagliola

Ingredients for 4 people: 400 gr rigatoni, 500 grams of shrimp of fish, 2 medium zucchini, olive oil, capers, half a glass of white wine