Spaghetti with sea urchins. Intense flavor of the gulf

For the recipe of spaghetti recipe to sea urchins, it is not difficult to obtain the raw material of this dish. Your trusted fisherman will surely provide you with the fresh, freshly picked ones

ricetta degli spaghetti ai ricci di mare
ricetta degli spaghetti ai ricci di mare

The recipes of the Neapolitan cuisine.

It is not difficult to procure the raw material of this dish. Your fishmonger to trust there will provide surely of those lovely fresh, freshly caught. However we also give some guidance and better specify the rumors spread about this special and tasty fruit of the sea. Among the urchins, the good ones to eat, have brown spines, reddish, brownish or purplish that distinguish them from the black of other specimens. Among the sea urchins most common and well-known species are two: the Paracentrotus lividus, colorful species, and Arbacia lixula, black species. Both species have both male and females.

The popular traditions have led to call the colored curly-female and male-blacks urchins. This belief is the fact that we mistakenly think of eating collard eggs, and being only the colorful species with edible use, here is what was given to them as females. But is not so. Internal gonads, what we eat, are not their eggs. The edible species so it is the colored (Paracentrotus lividus) of which we eat as written gonads of both male and female, while the gonads of the species black (Arbacia lixula) are not edible. But we go straight to the recipe that writes the chef of Mister Steak Pozzuoli.

Serves 2: 200 g spaghetti, four sea urchins, a few leaves of mint, grated lemon peel (preferably of Amalfi or Procida), a clove of garlic, olive oil, salt, sprig of parsley.

Making of recipe.

In a pan fry a clove of garlic. Meanwhile cook the pasta al dente. Once browned garlic, remove the pan from the heat by removing the garlic in its imbionditura. Meanwhile also clean curly, cutting the upper part of the hedgehog (opposite to where is the mouth) and emptying it of its water and of small algae that are inside to then extract the orange gonads with a teaspoon. Combine the pasta with olive oil, and add the hedgehog curls and mint leaves (a few). Stir even putting a tablespoon of cooking water you need x mix. Just a minute on the stove and Serve with grated lemon andthe sprig of chopped parsley. Already feel its intense fragrance?

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