Spaghetti al pesto di Procida lemons. Magic of flavors and fragrances

Here's how to Procida with quick and easy recipe for spaghetti with lemon pesto, honoring the guests thanks to the simplicity and goodness of their products

Spaghetti al pesto di limoni di Procida
Spaghetti al pesto di limoni di Procida

The recipes of traditional Neapolitan cooking.

And this time from the island of Arturo There comes a quick and easy recipe to prepare particularly suitable in this period during which the lemons begin to give their best. We publish so how received this dish that has among its local produce ingredients, but which are in common use everywhere.

“Often we want to impress our friends with sophisticated recipes, and we work hard to ensure that our lunch and our dinner to be remembered with pleasure by the guests. But then it happens that when you’re in a hurry and cook the first thing that comes to your mind get a better result, and sometimes unexpected, than someone who knows what programming special dinner.

And this for example is happened when, due to bad weather conditions, my friend Sergio could not leave to go back to Naples and was a guest (a latch of course) to my house for the night. That night I did not really want to go out, and even though he offered graciously to offer dinner in his local procidano favorite still chose to spend the evening at home by promising him taste something in Naples could never eat. A bit ‘out of curiosity, and very little for stinginess, gladly accepted. But instead of cooperating in the preparation of the legendary dish since it is a very good cook and a great gourmet, he preferred the company of being part of my family (wife and daughter) to which is also very nice.

The making of recipe, which are very easy and quick as you will read in a moment, it requires no special skills, but only that your cafeteria or galley which is, has in its heritage and unique details Procida lemons. Without them you will lose much of the goodness (obviously a joke, of delicious lemons there are in different areas of the boot).

And so while he was causing in my daughter discrediting me in many different ways, like “Dad can not cook” or “Dad still swims with armrests” and also had a way of notice of its “rispustera” qualities as well as a tireless defender of Dad I, in less than 20 minutes I was ready with my quick and precious recipe. How it ended, if you want, write it to him then.

Here are the ingredients that I used and how the dish was prepared.

Ingredients for 4 people: 400 gr of durum wheat spaghetti, 3 lemons of Procida medium size, 50 grams of pine nuts, 100 grams of cheese, a sprig of basil, ½ cup extra virgin olive oil, a clove of garlic, pink pepper, a sprig of parsley

Extract the juice from two of three lemons and pour it into the blender container (or minipiper) with pine nuts (toasted if you want, I did as you will see from the photo), half of the Parmesan cheese, oil and basil sprig and at the shelled garlic glove. Blend until you get a cream is not too dense. Cook the spaghetti in plenty of salted water and drain al dente.

Pour the spaghetti in a large pan where complete the cooking, adding the lemon pesto and a little of appropriately conserved water during the drain.

Add the other half of freshly grated Parmesan cheese and freshly ground pink pepper together with a fine chopped parsley (and if you’ve kept some toasted pine nuts, add it now over to color the dish even more).

Serve decorating the dishes with slices or wedges of the third lemon and sprigs of parsley.

Greetings from Procida Gian Luca

P.S. A Sergio then the dish, very pleased. He is a great connoisseur of fine pastaro and flavors”