Eggplant parmigiana to procidana, special flavors from the island of Arturo

The recipe for Parmesan to Procida, certainly will find followers even in the mainland. Here are the ingredients and making of recipe

parmigiana melanzane alla procidana

The recipes typical of Campania.

This recipe we received from a dear friend by Procida doc. Gianluca Costagliola, that from time to time, delighting hard and well in the kitchen, he wrote a recipe on how to Procida, bring to the table some traditional dishes made in the south and universally appreciated. We are sure that this way of doing parmigiana will find many followers even on dry land. We receive and publish the text then “the same”.

Planting the seedlings of eggplant in their own backyard in May, early June.

Take care involving your loved ones asking them to water them thoroughly and remove the weeds in the event of your absence (no one will do nothing, but at least we have tried).

Photographing an eggplant during stages of growth (to make a good impression with his friend Sergio Gradogna for photos to be published on the website Charming).

Seize the eggplant before they are too big to eat more slices, with the excuse that they are small … well as softer.

Slice the eggplants and put them in salt (coarse) in a cloth, taking care to place a weight on top (to make them dry of their water).

Fry a first time in hot oil (I prefer a good peanut oil, Sergio Gradogna, however, definitely it would use the extra virgin olive oil) and then dry with a clean cloth (paper or food) to remove excess oil .

Beat the eggs with the parmigiano cheese, salt and a few drops of lemon. Here you plunge the slices previously fried but also pass them in the flour first, one by one, then fry them again in clean oil and always very warm.

Before he arrives, someone eating with the excuse to taste, a few slices before filling with tomato .. are very good also already so ..

Put the eggplant in a cake or dish (smaller than what you had prepared in the first instance because you’ll definitely tasted several slices to be certain of the result) and sprinkle each layer with the tomato sauce, which you have prepared before so simple and with so much basil, and parmesan cheese in the amount that you like.

Serves 4 (abundant .. because a sin of gluttony to be sin)

1 kg of eggplant’s own backyard, 2 eggs, 2/3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese (to be mixed with eggs), grated Parmigiano cheese to taste (with the sauce), basil, salt, flour, peanut oil for frying