Bucatini pasta with Ischia rabbit. King of Grenn Isle

bucatini ischitana

Since always on the island, the rabbits were bred with particular care especially during the reign of the Angevin Naples . They loved to go on long hunting trips in the island green . For real will Ischia was particularly ” populated ” by rabbits. The rearing techniques were ameliorated .A special way of preparing rabbit, is still practiced today , expected to be raised in a pit about two feet deep and a leg to a rock and another closed by wooden boards. This allows rabbits to dig themselves a den, but they could not then come out and escape elsewhere . Conveniently served with herbs from at will , the farmers can then take the animals at any time descending into the pit. The rabbits bred in this way will surely have a stronger flavor than those reared more comfortably in a cage. The dish we propose celebrates the flavors of the meat at most of these cute animals.

Ingredients (for 4 people):

Bucatini 400 g a rabbit
a head of garlic
800 g cherry tomatoes
a sprig of rosemary
grated Parmesan cheese
half a liter of white wine
extra virgin olive oil

Making of recipe

Without the rabbit into pieces put it in a saucepan full of white wine and leave to marinate in the fridge overnight . The next day before cooking , pull out of the fridge and dry . Put on the bottom of a large baking dish / pan enough oil to cover the board , adding the garlic. The chili and spices stuck in a bundle so that later it will be easier to eliminate them. Browned garlic delete it. Put time to brown the rabbit pieces . Just begin to darken add half a liter of white wine and half of its nuance add the tomatoes duly made in four . It will take about twenty minutes to get a thick sauce . Check the cooking rabbit . If it was not yet ready , add the broth and continue cooking . When cooked , put in a tray aside parts of the rabbit and then serve it as a main dish . In the meantime you will have led to cooking the pasta until just firm and drained . To pass into the pan / skillet with the sauce (remember to remove the bundle of herbs) for a couple of minutes until they take the flavor. Serve and decorated with basil leaves.