Fusilli pasta with four cheeses. Stringy flavors of pasta.

Fusilli ai quattro formaggi

The recipes of traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

When you have a little remaining cheese at home and you want to prepare a quick and tasty dish, this is a good solution as for flavor and results. Even though using different cheeses than those that we indicate (because we like them more), depending on what you have in your home, you will impress everyone although.

Ingredients (for 4 people):

400g Gragnano’s fusilli
80 g salty Auricchio
80 g Provolone del Monaco
80 g Goat cheese
80 g grated Parmesan
1/2 cup of milk
50 g butter
Salt and pepper

Making of recipe

In a baking dish, on low heat, pour the milk and add the butter. In this “broth” we will melt the four cheeses, making sure to always stir well to avoid thecheese to stick to the pan. Add salt and pepper according to your taste. In a casserole cook the pasta, al dente, then pour it in the pan with the cheese to make them mix for a few minutes. If the cheeses are too aggregated, add a little milk. Serve steaming and stringy.