A crown from the great taste. The Casatiello

Casatiello in Naples means Easter. He eats a first slice and do not firmer. Here is his neapolitan recipe.

ricetta casatiello napoletano

The recipes of typical Neapolitan cooking.

Casatiello or Tortano ? The difference between the two is not an impossible doubt : casatiello and the tortano are made ​​from the same dough and filling , but the first is stuffed rolling up the dough with all the filling (in the picture ) and the second is mixed with the ingredients , hand , and let rise embedding on the surface of boiled eggs encased by a piece of dough . Robust flavor and rich.

Ingredients: 500 g flour 00 , 5 g of yeast, 125 g of milk, 12 g of salt , 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon honey , 2 teaspoons of ground pepper , 100 g of lard.

For the filling : 500 g total divided equally between Neapolitan salami , pork scratching , semipiccante provolone cheese , grated cheese , 2 hard-boiled eggs .

Making of recipe.

Place the flour in a bowl , dissolve yeast in warm milk (not to exceed 37 °) and add to flour . Then add the remaining ingredients until dough is elastic . Work it a little bit and let rest 15 minutes, covered with a cloth .

Then draw a rectangle of dough and stuff it with the stuffing , all the ingredients must be cut to the same size. Roll the dough with the filling , put it in a ring mold .

Let it rise all night, in the oven . Bake at 180 degrees until golden brown (about 40 minutes) , check that the underside is well cooked .

Source: www.brigatadicucina.it