All standing up, enters Her Majesty the Genovese

Here is the recipe of His Majesty the Genoese. Ancient dish of neapolitan kitchen of 500, is always an indispensable delight in typical Campania cuisine


The recipes of traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

When we talk about the traditional recipe, we always look for the author and the story. In the case of Genovese the research does not lead to clear answers but makes use of assumptions , which are very credible . In Naples , in the sixteenth century , there was a colony of tractors Genoese who settled in the vicinity of the Port ; one of their recipes could be the starting point and then , through the various evolutions that the recipes suffer over the centuries to get to the Genovese sauce . Cavalcanti , in his kitchen theoretical and practical , gives the recipe of the Genoese meat , tomato and onion with elongated , became a great sauce for pasta . The Neapolitan folk , very good at serving tasty dishes with the minimum of expense, increased greatly the amount of onions ( much cheaper than meat ) .

Ingredients: 1 kg . of meat ( or armor biancostato ) , 250 g of ham hock of ham, 1,500 pounds of onions pink , 6 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil , salt, 1 carrot .

Making of recipe.

Cut the onions very finely . Coarsely chop the carrot and ham .

In a large saucepan pour the oil in the recipe and add all the ingredients together, except the salt . Close with a lid and allow to simmer the onions until the volume is reduced by half .

Now add the salt and continue cooking for about 4 hours total , over low heat , stirring occasionally. At the end of cooking the onions are a nice golden brown color and sweet .

The meat will be so soft that you can break up with a fork.

Classic pairing is broken ziti pasta hand made . Personally I prefer rigatoni .