The Paiocca. Paccheri with pumpkin and sausages


The recipes of traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

Strange to find a dish so close to a coast, I would expect something rather from ingredients of the sea and on the other hand … pumpkin and sausage in this range are the masters.

Ingredients for 4 people:

400 g. Paccheri or other type homemade pasta: 400 g. pumpkin, 2 sausages, 200g. smoked (or smoked cheese), olive oil, garlic, salt, white wine, vegetable broth, red pepper (optional

Making of recipe

In a large saucepan or frying pan, fry the garlic, and if you use it, the chili and the two crumbled sausage. For imbionditura, remove the garlic.

When the sausages are browned, add the wine and let it evaporate, then add the pumpkin cleaned and cut into small cubes. Cook, lowering the heat and add a little broth (vegetable). Cover and cook the pumpkin until it is soft to be able to crush with a fork.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta when it is cooked, drain and pour into the pan with the squash and sausage and only then in the same pan add the grated smoked cheese with a grater with large holes, or the smoked cheese, or if no reduced into small cubes . Sautee for a few minutes to melt the smoked cheese and serve.