Street Fast food. Pasta crisciuta

Paste cresciute

The recipes of traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

So it was called to Naples this mixture of flour , water, salt and yeast. The ” Zeppole ‘ and paste crisciuta ” are balls of fried dough that once stood at the corners of all the streets in Naples … ” ‘ or frittaiuolo ” ” frieva ” in the street and passers-by were buying eating them instantly.

This batter has a feature that processing should be done strictly by hand should be slapped powerfully until acquires the characteristic elasticity and thickness. It just eats fried hot .

Ingredients: 500 g flour 00 , water at room temperature , 10 g salt, 20 g of yeast, peanut oil for frying

Making of recipe.

Dissolve the yeast in a little water . In a large bowl place the flour, salt , baking powder and add water gradually , beating the mixture vigorously . After about 10 minutes of work you will have to get a batter soft but elastic.

The classic Neapolitan pastries are grown without the addition of simple pancakes stuffed . However, if we like, at this point we can add to the batter and a variety of different ingredients , such as seaweed greens, boiled cabbage , anchovies, ham and provolone cheese .

Let the dough rise until doubled in volume , covering the bowl with plastic wrap.

Heat oil in a frying pan and , with the help of two spoons wet , form balls and fry . Drain ,  add salt and serve hot .