The story rustic Neapolitan. The escarole pizza.

Pizza di scarole napoletana

The recipes of traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

Why do so only on Monday after Easter or during the Christmas holidays? It ‘s too good to limit it in time. There is too much of an emotional connection and a taste for the people of Vesuvius with this baked vegetables seasoned with fantasy and aromas often used in kitchens Naples Doc. In this recipe we use alice savory essential for us in this marriage of flavors, but we know, unfortunately I am not that often you like. Which is why, if you can not do without it, you can replace them with savory Pescetto of smoked cheese, but added that at the time of the filling in the baking pan.

Ingredients for a medium-sized pizza

For the dough: 600 g flour 00, 5 g yeast, 300 cl of warm water, a teaspoon of the salt

For the filling: 2 bundles of escarole (about 1 kg), 100 g pitted black olives from Gaeta, 2 tablespoons capers, 2 tablespoons of steps and pine nuts, 8 salted anchovies chopped, 1 garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt to taste

Making of recipe

Let’s start with the dough. If you have time, the best result you reach it if it is prepared in the morning and you do grow throughout the day for use at night. However, in a tall, glass or plastic, put the flour with the classic shape of the volcano. Open at the center, where we will pour the warm water after you have done the yeast inside, kneading gradually and adding a teaspoon of salt. After about ten minutes of treatment, let it rest the whole day inside the same container or, if you can not this time, at least 3-4 hours covered by a beautiful double cloth. Now to the filling. Very carefully washed the leaves of escarole. In a deep pan put them to boil for at least ten minutes. In this time, in a deep pan with oil fry the garlic which will then be deleted. Now add the black olives and anchovies. Drain the endives between crunchy and soft and add to the mixture in the pan and cook for at least another 10-15 minutes, adding even towards the end of the steps and pine nuts. Roll out the dough and then the pizzas in two round shapes are not very high. The first place it in a baking pan in which you will have nice oiled the bottom, covering also the top edge. On this disc of pizza pour all the mixture (if you have not used the anchovies, this is the time to add the provolone). Cover with the second disc of pizza and close all reusing the lower edge of the dough. Brush the superifice and bake for 40-50 minutes. If you want to be sure of uniform cooking time in half, flip the pizza and put in the oven immediately.