They must be true and speak Neapolitan

Polipetti alla luciana

The traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

Saint Lucia is a historic and picturesque neighborhood of Naples, that like beautiful women, has maintained its charm. It develops on the world’s most beautiful waterfront , the Piazza del Plebiscito island of Megaride , and draws energy from its tourist and gourmet. Since the foundation of Partenope after World War II was a fishing district and this is the dish that we have to offer today: The Luciana octopus ; The Luciani, so are called today the people of Saint Lucia , with strong parochialism tied to membership in the historic district ( … also the author of these lines is luciana … ) .

Small important premise : the octopus must be true, on the tentacles there must be two rows of suckers , if it owns only one isn’t octopus .

Ingredients for 4 people : 1 kg of octopus true , 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil , parsley , 1 red pepper , salt, ½ cup of dry white wine , 3 peeled tomatoes .

Making of recipe.

Gut the octopus and wash gently under running water .

Place them in a saucepan along with all the other ingredients ( we will only use parsley stems) .

Cover the pan and seal the lid with a damp cloth and twine , the moisture in the pot will be useful for cooking and it will not leave for any reason.

Cook 2 hours over low heat . Let cool slightly in the pan.

Chop the parsley leaves and garnish the dish with these .