True flavors of the sea with the breed fried

La razza fritta

The recipes of traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

With this dish we screened directly in the ancient market Pignasecca in Naples . The walk folk through the myriad of banquets, with exposed goods of all kinds , it gets interesting near food . We can find every delicacy , seasonal fruit from the common frogs (very hard to find elsewhere ) , and race . The breed is a fish of sandy bottom . Its flesh is tender and sweet. There are nearly 600 species of rays . The oldest fossil specimen of the breed dates back to the Jurassic period ( 150 million years ago) .

Through the ages the races have been exploited for different purposes. The Japanese samurai once covered the hilt of the sword with the rough skin of the races to get a grip. Tailed bats were obtained and necklaces, from barbs spearheads, leather -skinned and the meat was cooked as a local delicacy .

Ingredients for 4 people: 1 race cut in slices , 150 g of flour and 150 g of semolina , peanut oil to fry, parsley , salt and pepper , lemon (optional).


Rinse the fish under cold running water and flour it with a mixture of 00 flour and semolina in equal proportion.

Fry the race in deep oil at a temperature not too high. Let’s take the time for the race to cook inside and then slightly raise the temperature of the oil to brown it .

Serve hot , with salt and pepper. And if you want, add a beautiful splash of lemon.