Wake to the scents of coastline. Noodles with Lemon

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The traditional Neapolitan cuisine and recipes

When simplicity marries the gusto in the kitchen becomes easier. This dish , made with noodles , and pasta , or with pasta like spaghetti or linguine , was born nell’amalfitana . In those areas of the coast where all the goods of the earth will be , as always, a destination at the table quick and easy to use.

Ingredients for 4 people:

grams . 400 egg noodles ; 2 lemons with thick skin ; 50 gr butter ; 50 g grated Parmesan cheese ; 1 cup of milk; 4 basil leaves ; oil, salt, black pepper

Making of recipe

Clean well for lemons; must have a thick skin . Dry them thoroughly and then scrape only the yellow part of the peel. Beware , if you grate the white part of also , the dish I’ll be bitter. In a shallow saucepan put enough oil and melt the butter . One face melted, add a little ‘ pepper and stir. The noodles in a pot brought to a boil with the salt , must be pulled away almost immediately . Rimestarli into the pan with the sauce and add a cup of milk. After a minute of cooking add the Parmesan cheese and continue to stir for a few moments . A basil leaf per plate chopped by hand may color the pot even more .