From the masters Monzù the eggs nun


The recipes of traditional Neapolitan cuisine .

The recipe of eggs to the nun seems to be of French origin. This is not a popular recipe , even the presence of the white sauce is reminiscent of a dish created in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries by Monzù , the chefs of aristocratic houses in Campania and Sicily, in the era of supremacy of French gastronomy. Monzù : mispronunciation of the French word Monsieur ( sir) .


For 12 eggs : 12 hard boiled eggs, 8 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese, 200 g of 00 flour, 200 g of bread crumbs, 2 eggs , salt, pepper, peanut oil for frying

For the sauce : 250 ml of whole milk, 1 dl of cream, 50 g of 00 flour, 50 g of butter, salt

Making of recipe.

Prepare a bechamel sauce : Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the flour all at once. Cook butter and flour 5 minutes , add salt, then pour the warm milk and cream and mix with a whisk. The sauce should cook about 15 minutes , it will be quite thick .

Boil the eggs by immersing them in cold water to which has been added a tablespoon of vinegar, since the boil bake 15 minutes. Cool the eggs in cold water and peel them. Halve the hard boiled eggs, length-wise . Collect the egg yolks and mix very well with the sauce. Also add the cheese and a little pepper .

Fill the egg whites with the mixture firm based sauce and recompose the egg whites with the other half .

It is recommended that , at this point, a rest in the refrigerator for about 1 hour to shrink the eggs before frying .

We proceed by heating peanut oil abundant in a deep pan .

The eggs should be stuffed flour , pour in the beaten eggs and then covered with breadcrumbs . You can also carry a double breading , ripassandole in beaten egg and bread crumbs a second time.

Fry in plenty of hot oil .