Shrimp limoncello !! The scent will guide you to them, even in the dark


The traditional recipes of Campania.

Revisiting the old recipes of traditional cuisine, especially the easy and fast it easy. Just a little ‘imagination to create products with flavors always linked to Naples and its Gulf. In this case to soften the shrimp, using the famous limoncello instead of white wine, it comes out a flavor that you would never have imagined. We hope you like them too much.

Serves 4: at least 12 fresh prawns, half a glass of limoncello, 1 shallot, olive oil, 1 pat of butter, salt, black peppercorns to chop at least a bundle of parsley

Making of recipe

In a beautiful wide saucepan put enough oil to brown well finely chopped shallots. Previously, washed and dried to fine the prawns. Some like to peel them, we like to cook them whole, without even removing the head. Just in case you do an incision on the abdomen to absorb the sauce. For imbionditura shallot then insert also the prawns, and the knobs of butter, which will have to cook until the shells will be particularly reddish.

Halfway through cooking, however, you’ll have to pour half a glass of limongello (pick one with a good alcohol content and particularly fluid). Sfumato alcohol can take a splash of black pepper and chopped parsley finely chopped put in abundance. Just be careful not to do so dry the sauce. Serve and the scent will drive to their diners in the dark.