First and second assembly . Bucatini with sausage and broccoli

bucatini salsiccia friarielli

The recipes of traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

It has globalized cuisines from around the world. And throughout the globe has made known to the pasta , pizza and pulling all the Italian flavors. She is the traditional Neapolitan cuisine , and as she does not there are other equally well known. And in this recipe, which optimizes a second course with a side dish by turning it into a sauce for a first course , there is the creativity and imagination Naples doc .

Ingredients for 4 people: 400 gr bucatini ; 250 g broccoli already cleaned ; 2 pork sausages ; Roman parmesan ; white wine ; garlic ; oil ; chili pepper ; salt

Making of recipe

Cook the broccoli before after being thoroughly washed , putting them in a deep pan with a little oil fund and chopped chilli in the quantity you want. A small handful of salt. Do not cook them too much otherwise they become too soft . For the sausages , however, brown them in a shallow saucepan with a little oil. Blackened , cut into small pieces and if you can remove the skin . Continue cooking fading now with the bottom of a glass of white wine. Cooked sausages , together in this pot also friarielli a little ‘ cut . I take them al dente bucatini and riversateli in the pan with the sauce. Add some ‘ Roman parmesan if you like and Serve . You will be satiated and satisfied