Esacrole pizza. But unstructured

And here we are on one of the must-haves of cuisine made in Naples. But with an illuminating idea that accompanies it

pizza di scarole destrutturata
pizza di scarole destrutturata

And here we are on one of the must-haves of cuisine made in Naples. But with an illuminating idea that accompanies it. Deconstructed.

Pizza of escarole and the protagonist of this historic recipe (recipe seasoned by the story that led to its preparation) that we publish today and that always comes to us from our friend Gian Luca da Procida. One of the queens of the Campania table served unstructured. As? Read and we are sure that you share the idea of ​​our friend from the island of Postman. We receive and publish tel.

“Today I want to tackle a very thorny subject and I hope I will not disappoint lovers of traditional cuisine. We know that when we cook a traditional, but traditional dish, much as a friend of mine would say, each of us tends to prepare it the way he has always eaten it. Omitting or preferring one ingredient rather than another. Then when you have to prepare the pizza of escarole for more people there is just a tragedy. There are those who want the anchovy, who the walnuts, those who do not want pine nuts and so on. So I thought to do something a little strange but I think nice.

pizza di scarole destrutturata
pizza di scarole destrutturata

Destructuring everything and serving the ingredients separately, so that everyone can eat the typical dish in the way he thinks appropriate. After cooking a dietary dish, fennel gratin, and also proposed on Charme, I told myself we try this too. Who knows it can not be a nice idea and appreciated by most. As always the tasters were my women and that is for those who do not know the irrepressible Tricchi Tracco Benny and the healthy Marisa wifey. I saw a little ‘disorientated at the beginning but then as the dinner proceeded, also because of a good glass of red wine exclusively for adults, I could see that apart from the anchovy nothing remained in the dishes. One thing is certain, however … certainly I will never prepare it in the holidays commanded, those must be respected … .so because as long as mother and mother-in-law will fight in hot pans, the satisfaction of decreeing the best always bleating shamelessly and therefore satisfying both on every occasion, is priceless.

Ingredients for 4 people for unstructured discarded pizza

For the stuffing

1 smooth escarole

1 curly escarole

100 gr of black olives

100 g between walnuts and pine nuts

Extra virgin olive oil

Anchovies in salt


Salt and pepper to taste

For pasta

300 gr of flour type 0


1/2 lemon juice

Lukewarm water about a glass

Making of reciper destructured pizza esacrole

After having washed and boiled the vegetables, drain them under cold water or place them for 5 minutes in a bowl with ice. Then dry them and let them rest on a canvas. Meanwhile prepare the pasta. Pour the flour on the work table and form the classic fountain opening it in the middle. Slowly pour the water at room temperature but not directly on the flour and start working it avoiding the formation of lumps.

pizza di scarole destrutturata
pizza di scarole destrutturata

Add the juice of ½ lemon and a spoon full of extra virgin olive oil and continue until it is smooth and elastic. After forming the dough, let it rest for about thirty minutes. Roll out the dough and with the help of molds or a nice smooth knife, create discs of pasta alla Giotto. You will have to fry them, in peanut oil if you want, or evo, in a large enough pan. Leave them to dry with oil and cool on food paper. They will be useful for everyone to compose their pizza with their desired ingredients as they please. But let’s return now to the escarole we had until it was only heated and cooled. In a frying pan with an abundant oil and a clove of garlic in a shirt remove the garlic when it is browned. and pour the pitted black olives, the pine nuts and the obviously shelled walnuts.

pizza di scarole destrutturata
pizza di scarole destrutturata

When all the ingredients are well blended, with the help of a colander separate them from the oil and keep them, each, in a small bowl of steel. With the advanced cooking oil, sauté the well-dried endive in the same pan as before. I like beautiful “tirata tirata” but everyone is free to choose how much time to pass the vegetables in oil. Now all the ingredients are ready. A serving dish with different bowls and pasta discs will then do the rest. Each diner, based on his hunger and his pleasure, will create his own pizza with escarole.

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