Rice And Cabbage. Here is the secret of grandma

Typical dish of the winter period, it does not have so many supporters in every home. But when there is a trick that makes it superlative, it is a unanimous chorus of appreciation

riso e verza
riso e verza

Typical dish of the winter period, it does not have so many supporters in every home. But when there is a trick that makes it superlative, it is a unanimous chorus of appreciation.

 Rice and cabbage is a main dish of the table only during the winter. Although not all, in every home, they are his great supporters. But if, as in the case of the recipe that our friend Gianluca da Procida sends us, there is a secret to making it superlative, then everything changes. And we publish as we then receive this little history (recipes seasoned by a story, from a memory to which it is linked). In the certainty that, at the tasting, there is then a standing ovation of appreciation from everyone. Big and small.

 “There are dishes that can not be eaten as a child. Among those that just did not like me there was a typical winter dish, rice and cabbage. We say “virz and ris”. And as my grandmother pronounced it, more with eyes than with the voice, it was a work of art. When I lived with her, she often welcomed me with that unmistakable scent on the evening when I returned from work. That of boiled cabbage. He already knew that before starting to study it was “obligatory” to have dinner with her. And maybe even try to drink a nice glass of wine to accompany rice and cabbage, to the detriment of course then the university yield.

Rice and cabbage is a poor dish of our tradition both bell and more in the small island. It is cooked especially in autumn and winter. In fact, with the nocturnal frosts and the intense cold, the cabbage becomes crisp and tasty.

As I said before, as a child I just did not want to eat it. But then over the years, I really enjoyed a marriage of flavors. And for this reason that even today I prepare it the same as Grandma Maria did it. What is certain is that she, as a skilled peasant, knew how to choose the best savoy cabbage and the right moment to catch it. The seedlings grew up in our little house garden, the one she took care of herself. Today, however, I am replenished by my trustworthy fruit vendor and I must say that the result is more than appreciable.

Grandma however had a secret ingredient to prepare rice and savoy cabbage. His secret was the “parmesan rind”. Today it is customary to throw the peel of the cheese as well as to buy the parmesan cheese in an already grated bag. My grandmother instead, and in truth even today even my mother, meticulously kept the precious waste. He knew that it was precisely those that made several dishes tastier.

Let’s go to the preparation of rice and cabbage as you did them. For 4 people.


1/2 cabbage cabbage

320 grams of rice (Carnaroli)

extra virgin olive oil

1 shallot

1 garlic clove

100 gr. Tight bacon cut into cubes or strips

Salt to taste.

broth of vegetable broth of at least a liter

to taste: pepper, grated parmesan and pepper

We clean the cabbage well by eliminating the core and cutting it eliminating the outer leaves. Pour extra virgin olive oil into a large pan or casserole. Here we also put the finely chopped shallots together with a clove of garlic in a shirt. If you like garlic instead of a shirt, cut this into small pieces too. Also insert the cut bacon. Leave to flavor and then add the roughly chopped cabbage (if the garlic is poached, remove it before this step). Let it cook for 20 minutes, seasoning with a little salt and the previously prepared vegetable broth. It will be important to cover with a lid and let the cooking go slowly so as to create a sort of tasty broth. In the broth that will be created in a saucepan, add the parmesan skins to pieces and, if necessary, add more vegetable stock. Bring to a boil and reduce the rice. Let it cook until cooked. Check the salting. At the end of cooking, when the fire is off, add a pinch of pepper if you want, and the grated Parmesan in the quantity you prefer.

Serve the rice and steamed cabbage with a nice ladle and you will also appreciate its full aroma. “

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