Fried scugnizzi tomatoes and rocket. From Procida simple flavors

They were scraps of fried pizzas, but everything in Naples was cooked, and so were the scraps. Both savory and sweet, they are exceptional

scugnizzi fritti pomodorini e rucola
scugnizzi fritti pomodorini e rucola

And we receive and publish another historic recipe (a recipe seasoned by the moments that led to its preparation) by our friend Gian Luca di Procida.

Scugnizzi fried tomatoes and rocket this time the protagonists. Let’s see what occasion he prepared them and how he cooked them. We report tel that received.

“Many here in Procida know my passion for cooking. So it happens when I’m around the streets of my little island that some friends ask me to organize a dinner. An excuse to be together and try, invent some new recipe. This year, during the Christmas holidays, I had the honor of having a kitchen of a restaurant entirely at my disposal. It happened that while we were having dinner with the owner of the restaurant, the idea was born to celebrate the New Year together. And right in its structure because closed until the following day. And guess who unanimously elected cook of the evening? And yes, just me. It was a fantastic experience. In the years after having cooked on the beach, on a sailing boat and on some private yachts, this one of the restaurant’s cooking was the icing on the cake.

The main dishes were simple and traditional, trying to please everyone’s tastes. But I have lent a special eye to the little ones. I’ll explain how. While I was starting to prepare appetizers, my daughter’s pest with her other friends of the evening came into the kitchen. And he asks me with the cunning face of the best occasions: “Dad, since we are in a pizzeria, how about preparing the rascals?”. At that precise moment a chorus of screams started, and I say screams, support and approval of the little guests incited by the skilful “Masaniella”. And as you understand, I immediately capitulated. They literally melted me, or as my wife says “made stupid”. So, even though I was in the kitchen for a few hours now I have fulfilled the desire of small pests.

I knew that the loaves for the pizzas that would be served at the local for the day dop, or were already ready. Those made with sourdough and slow leavening, as I do at home. So I just had to roll them out and cut them into strips. Then with the professional fryer and everything available, it was a breeze to please the hungry “belvette”. The result, however, was that even the big ones liked it. So much so that I had to go back to the kitchen for a unanimous encore. But this only made me happy. Happy with them, happy too. .

For the preparation of fried sponges with tomatoes and rocket, it’s still very simple. Just prepare a light pizza dough. I do so.

Take 1 kg of flour. If you do not have sourdough, melt a very small piece of yeast (2/4 gr) in a bowl with water at room temperature. Add it to the flour and start kneading. Now add a pinch of salt and half a coffee cup of extra virgin olive oil. Continue to knead until a smooth and homogeneous dough is obtained. Form the dough with a ball and let it rise for about 12/14 hours. Taking care to cover the container with plastic for food or with heavy dishcloths. Once the dough has risen, take the dough and divide it into many sticks or strips of different shapes. About ten centimeters wide. Fry the pizza sticks in a pan with the hot oil (even peanuts if you want). Raise the scugnizzi with a skimmer. Then place them on a plate lined with absorbent paper and salt. Prepare an arugula salad and 4-part cherry tomatoes in another bowl. Season with oil and salt. Cover the fried pizza with this salad. At the end, add flakes of parmesan or pieces of cheese and serve when everything is still hot. This is the savory version, but if you want, try the sweet one, substituting the salad and cheese of the great nutella and veiled sugar.

Greetings from the homegrown cook proclaim Gian Luca. ”

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