Naples served with tradition and fantasy at Maroder


Healthy Neapolitan cuisine and fantasy in the kitchen, are ingredients which characterise the dishes prepared in the Maroder restaurant a few steps from the sea on the Flegrean coast. “My passion for cooking”, says the owner Attilio Maroder, “ started at home. I learnt the basics of the art from my mother”. Today the restaurant it is a comfortable, refined and elegant establishment, welcoming lovers of haute cuisine with a common passion for the specialities prepared by the house chef Salvatore Calvanico. “Our dishes” Marorder explains “ vary, from typical Neapolitan cuisine to the Mediterranean tradition”. But special dishes also appear, the result of the the chef’s fantasy and invention.

Ristorante Maroder
Via Madonna del Pantano 77/a
80014 Giugliano in Campania (Napoli)
tel. +39.081.839.13.66